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The key component in water damage restoration is acting fast. The professionals with Fennell Construction are dedicated to making sure your home is restored to pre-water damage condition. Whether the damage is caused by a pipe bursting within the home or an external flood or leak that has allowed water to enter the home, we act fast in order to mitigate the amount of damage.

Left unattended or improperly restored, water damage inside the home can lead to problems with rotting wood, structural integrity issues as well as the formation of mold and the many health issues mold brings. Feel safe and secure in your home following your experience with water damage, contact the professionals at Fennell Construction to discuss our multi-step water damage restoration service.

Our Water Damage Restoration Steps & Process

We are a water damage restoration company that is focused on containing your problem and ensuring the future of your home or business. We use a mutli-step process that has proven to return your space to pre-water damage condition.

Initial Inspection

The initial water damage inspection is just that, we asses the damage and determine the best course of action to mitigate and repair the damage. Seasoned professionals measure the moisture content and determine if there is any structural damage that needs to be addressed.

Stop Further Damage

Containment is key when first entering a home or business with an extensive amount of water damage. We want to make sure to stop further damage to your home, and fast.

Remove Water

Removing the water from your home or business is always the main goal. Using vacuum extraction machines to remove standing water from within the home allows Fennell Construction to move to the next step.

Drying Out Your Home or Business

This is where we begin to circulate the air within the affected space and begin to dry your home or business using dehumidification so that we may bring it back to where it was prior to the water damage. Using high powered fans, this process can involve the removal of carpet or flooring to ensure your space is completely dried. Air scrubbers are also used to reduce particulate matter suspended in the air with HEPA technology.


Besides the walls and flooring, a lot of personal items, such as your couch or carpets can be affected. We will attend to those items that can be salvaged and avoid the potential for future mold or microbial activity.

Complete Restoration

Once the process is complete, Fennel Construction will clear out all equipment and tools, returning your home to you in its pre-water damaged state. We are truly dedicated to your satisfaction with our service and your peace of mind.

Replacing Materials Following Water Damage

Evacuating the water and drying out your home or business allows you to assess any additional damage to materials within your living space. There may be a need to replace flooring, walls, shelves, curtains, furniture etc. Fennell Construction is here to help you in that assessment. We are trained to spot potential problems and avoid future loss or issues. Let us help you recover from any water damage issues you have experienced.

Why Fennell Construction Water Damage Professionals

Fennell Construction is a truly local service provider out of Andover, MA, offering top notch, quality water damage restoration services to the great state of Massachusetts. We take on all size projects with a dedication to quality work and customer satisfaction. If you have been affected by water damage, either internal or external, we have the tools, resources and professionalism to mitigate, stop and restore your home or business. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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