About us

Sean Fennell

Our specialty is projects where we provide both design services as well as construction services on high-end residential renovations and commercial construction. Known in the industry as ‘design-build’. We feel this procurement method provides the best value to our clients and gets projects completed faster. Owners typically come to us with nothing more than a vision for a renovation project and we provide stamped drawings, permits, materials and the skilled tradesmen that put it all together.

We self-perform masonry and carpentry trades with employees on our payroll. Other trades such as electrical, HVAC, plumbing and fire sprinklers are subcontracted to trusted vendors we have long term relationships with. We have worked extensively in the city of Boston and are familiar with permitting requirements, landmarks and ZBA issues as well as ISD, Boston Fire and BWSC permitting requirements.

A graduate of Villanova University in 1992, Sean has been a Massachusetts licensed Construction supervisor (#064764) for 24 years. In addition Sean is also a registered professional engineer (#41790)

Sean is a USGBC LEED accredited professional and an expert in the field of green Construction and renovating the Boston areas older housing stock into healthy homes that are energy efficient.

Creating satisfied customers is how we have grown our construction and design business to have a stable base of long term employees and annual sales of $1.8M in 2017 with projected sales of $2.5M in 2018.

Sean is an expert in Structural issues and has given a seminar on structural design and Construction to the New England Society of Home Inspectors.

Married with 2 daughters Sean lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

The company has offices in Andover with a separate carpentry shop located in Groveland, MA.

The firm is also registered with the State of Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor registration (HIC #177397)

Sean Fennel